Darin Ureche


Darin Ureche


Over the past 25 years we have sold over 1,150 homes. Typically the majority of homes we sell are sold within a 60 day time frame. We like to take an aggressive approach to helping you sell. With good solid preparation and our distinctive approach to the market, once we hit the MLS we like to see 1-3 qualifed showings within the first 36 hours.

We have a unique service that we developed about 15 years ago that you typically will not see other agents doing. We have a specific approach to listing homes that gives you the cutting edge. Though our special software and years of experience, we can provide a full detailed report that will clearly identify the strong and weak selling points of your home. This report will help you sail through the inspection process and help eliminate a “bad appraisal” or “low appraisal”.

If you are in a position that you have to get serious about selling your home, call me today and let me get to work on helping you gather some good information to help you get your home positioned so you can net the maximum amount, sell in the shortest time frame possible and eliminate a lot of the hassles that come with selling.

We are a family run business and we dedicate ourselves to each and every client. We have a solid reputation that we work very hard for. Call us now to set up a time to meet that works for you.


DARIN URECHE (810)240-1266 - remaxdarin@gmail.com



We have come to realize that so many times buyers have lost out on there dream home due to competing offers "multiple offers"

So, just as part of our service, we have dug in deep to learn how to have the edge when it comes to competing aginst other offers. If you find a home through us, we can give you the edge. We have a detailed process to help "win" in a competing offer situation. We dont "wing it" or just put an offer in. If its a home you love, we submit an offer with the intention of getting the home and not getting beat out. We have a specific strategy along with a good fight to help you get the home you want and deserve.

If your serious about buying a home, we take the time up front to learn what your likes and dis likes are so we can get to work on over the best homes to show you. We have an aggressive approach to get you the information first. We work hard to have you be the first one to see new homes listed that match your criteria.

We have the years of experience to negotiate you the very best deal, protect your interest contractually and get you in and get your occupancy you need