Darin Ureche

Darin Ureche

I have been selling Homes in our community now for 25 years and have helped over 1,150 families reach there Real Estate goals.

I am big into education and keeping up with the latest in technology and marketing tools to help you the home seller or buyer

BUYING A HOME, we like to have you set up to be the first to see now homes listed.  We set you up for IMMEDIATLEY LISTED "ALERTS" And Have a system set up to get you in on a moments notice to prevent getting beat out.  How many times has that happened or you heard of someone that happened to.  Not with us!

SELLING YOUR HOME, We strategically position you in the market to start seeing showings within the first 36 hours of listing and have a good offer within 30 to 60 days max.  Typically with sellers we have been selling homes within the first 30 days.

We have been doing this a long time.  I have a great staff and hope we get the chance to meet and work with you.

Darin Ureche  call me anytime or email me  810.240.1266  remaxdarin@gmail.com